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There are many historic areas of McKinney that are great to see. Our historic downtown is home to many fascinating information and sites.  Here are a few examples of places that should be visited when in the area.

Trades Day- A HUGE featured event that McKinney holds every third Monday, that allows people to come visit our flea market.  There are over 800 vendors and a all round good time for the family.  For more information call (972) 562-5466.

Towne Lake- For great outdoor family fun, Towne Lake is the place to visit.  There are a host of activities to do, as well as to admire the beautiful scenery. 

Downtown- Over 100 specialty stores can be found in McKinney's downtown.  There are many antique stores to visit, as well as places to dine.  The peaceful environment is a great place to shop and have fun.

Heard-Craig House- The Heard-Craig House was built in the 1900s and was considered a social center back then.  The home has been fully restored  and offers tours throughout the week.  More information can be found at www.mckinneytx.com/heardcraig

Collin County Central Museum- The former Post Office was built back in 1911.  The exhibit features the history of our local area, including early settlers information and Native Americans history.  The museum is opened to the public throughout the week.  More information can be found at www.collincountyhistory.org

Chestnut Square- Is the home to the first seven houses to be built in McKinney, with the oldest dating back to 1850.   More information can be found at www.chestnutsquare.org

Pecan Grove Cemetery- The grove as been a place were the founders and settlers of McKinney have laid to rest for many years now.  Dr. James Webb Throckmorton was one time the Texas governor back in 1866 is honored in the cemetery. 

The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary- A place were all aged individuals can visit to learn about animals and there natural environment. Also, people can see animals up close while at the sanctuary.  More information can be found at www.heardmuseum.org